This will be a short one. Simply an observation that have to remind myself all the time.

Used to have this facination of looking at sailboats in a marina, pondering how enticing sailing looks. And that it is reserved either for the professional athletes, or a hobby for the ultra rich and/or retired folks. Obviously there’s a barrier to entry, plus it is hard for a full grown person to gain the skills. As a friend says: “To get into something new, you have to be prepared either to spend a lot (in every sense) or be embarassed a lot. Sometimes both”. That’s exactly what this piece is all about.

Don’t hesitate to ask for things, and they will be given. Within the craft of what you wish to achieve, find insiders and ask as many questions you can, over time. You would have to embrace the uncomfortable period of being “low status”. To start with the basics, to do your own mistakes. Spaced repetition, and prioritization do wonders. It will happen, but first you have to commit and ask. Even for things seeming rediculous. Send that email, take that flight, introduce yourself, ask for advice, ask for capital, ask for things obviously impossible. In business and life. That’s the way to learn and craft meaningful connections.

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